A preview of the new home page of ETH Zurich which will be launched on 29 October. (Screen shot: ETH Zurich)


ETH Life renamed to ETH News

ETH Zurich will re-launch its web on 29 October. This also means that ETH Life will become ETH News. What will change besides the new name? Roman Klingler, Head News & Media Relations, explains. 25.10.13
Part of the optical system used to trap and manipulate atoms. The arrangement of mirrors and lenses brings the a large number of laser beams onto the atoms. (Photo : Jean-Philippe Brantut / ETH Zurich)


A thermoelectric materials emulator

Converting heat directly into power could be a major source of renewable energy. Physicists at ETH Zurich now have simulated new materials that are highly efficient in this transition – in an experiment with cold atoms trapped by lasers. 24.10.13

09.10.13 Uniting universities 

Columnist Arnaud Monnard sees the new Swiss national law for joining universities as something positive.

03.10.13 ETH Zurich keeps up with the frontrunners

ETH Zurich lies in fourteenth place in the new THE World University Rankings. Although it has been overtaken by two American universities, it remains the strongest university outside the Anglo-Saxon world.

02.10.13 Canteen renovation progressing

With the number of students rising, ETH Zurich is expanding its infrastructure. For the canteens on the Hönggerberg campus, a caterer has now been commissioned to implement the new food market concept.

01.10.13 Why concrete tends to thicken

A new study from ETH researchers shows that the viscosity increase of flowing pastes can be controlled and delayed by tuning the friction between individual particles. These scientific findings have a direct impact on the cement industry.

30.09.13 Niacin, the fountain of youth

The vitamin niacin has a life-prolonging effect, as Michael Ristow has demonstrated in roundworms. As a result of his study, the ETH-Zurich professor also concludes that so-called reactive oxygen species are healthy, thereby disagreeing with many of his peers.