Cholesterol inhibitors: Role of lymphatic vessels

I'd be interested in hearing what the numbers of reduced cancer rates were and for what time period. Reducing the number of lymphatic vessels in the body could potentially be quite serious and lead to other disease. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to clear away debris and excess molecular protein from the tissue space. With a reduction in lymphatic vessels I would expect to see extracellular debris accumulating in the tissues, leading to edema, which in fact is the case for many patients on Statin's. Conversely, I think that a healthy lymphatic system would likely decrease the rates of cancer because inflammation is a well know factor in oncogenes. Also, most cancer research seems to indicate that if cancer is in the lymphatic system, then it is also in the blood. The thinking around preventing cancer here via decreasing lymphatic vessels seems flawed to me and outdated. There may be other reasons why statins provide a modicum of protection from cancer development.

Terry Kemp - 03.09.13

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