Kolumne Schröder: Integrating the humanities

Dear Ms Schröder, thank you for this delightful column, shedding such a warm light on the importance of integrating the humanities and "soft skills" in the science-and-engineering studies at ETH, to widen and change our students' perspectives and offering them new thought patterns and different approaches to life, to ultimately help them master its challenges more successfully! What a claim, what a responsibility for us at D-GESS, at the Language and Career Centers! You couldn't have put your claim more succinctly and efficiently than by quoting Aristotle. - I don't think we need to collect the range of options on a separate platform - the students should all read your column instead, especially the freshers, and pick their choice then! Best wishes to you and your fellow students - especially the LIMES ladies - for the new semester!

Ilse New - 11.09.13

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