Published: 02.10.13

Canteen renovation progressing

With the number of students rising, ETH Zurich is expanding its infrastructure. For the canteens on the Hönggerberg campus, a caterer has now been commissioned to implement the new food market concept.

Thomas Langholz
The food market includes three counters: Vegi, Pizza-Pasta and Grill. (Picture: ETH Zurich)
The food market includes three counters: Vegi, Pizza-Pasta and Grill. (Picture: ETH Zurich) (large view)

According to its growth scenario, ETH Zurich expects to have about 20,000 students by the year 2020. In anticipation of this, the Hönggerberg location in particular will be expanded in the coming years to create a campus. Besides apartments for students, there will be new lab, teaching and office buildings.

In addition, expansion of the catering facilities has started this year. The extensive construction and renovation work is part of the ETH "Catering and Retail" site strategy. The goal is to improve the catering facilities at the ETH Hönggerberg and Zentrum locations to meet the various needs of guests. The chemistry canteen and cafeteria at Hönggerberg are currently being renovated. The current physics canteen in building HPR will close for renovation on 20 December this year and will reopen on 16 February 2015 with a new concept. In the meantime, the “Hexagon” temporary canteen will cater to students and staff.

Three new counters

A new concept that will be adopted is the “food market”, where guests can choose and pay for their meals at three different counters. These will include a vegetarian counter, a pizza/pasta station and a barbecue station. In the past months, ETH Zurich had invited tenders for this restaurant from all over Switzerland. Of the four large catering businesses involved, the SV Group has now been awarded the contract. “We were very satisfied with the professional and innovative offer from SV. This concept will allow us to break new ground in catering,” says Robert Perich, ETH Vice President for Finances and Controlling.

Long-term collaboration

The SV Group has been catering to students, staff and guests at ETH Zurich since the 1930s. With about 300 restaurants, 8,300 employees and 20 million main meals served every year in Switzerland, the SV Group is the market leader in corporate catering. The new restaurant will seat 620, and students will be able to use the space and the WLAN for work before and after lunch hours. After the renovation, low-price meals for CHF 6.20 will still be available to students at each station.

New restaurant

As of 17 February 2014, guests will already be able to use the new HCI canteen. Here, students will find 350 additional workspaces outside lunch hours. The new cafeteria on the ground floor will expand its range: besides coffee and baked goods, guests will also be able to choose from fresh fruits and juices. In addition, there will be a Take-away operated by Coop. Microwaves will be available free for heating food, whether purchased or brought from home.

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