Columnist Arnaud Monnard sees the new Swiss national law for joining universities as something positive. Arnaud Monnard, 09.10.13
Florian Emaury and Miriam Zimmermann from AVETH are committed to lending postdocs and senior scientific staff a hand. Florian Emaury & Miriam Zimmermann, 18.09.13
Columnist, Florian Emaury, believes that through AVETH, the scientific staff can be influential. Florian Emaury, 21.08.13
In this weeks' column, Florian Emaury speaks his mind about foreign integration and internationality at ETH. Florian Emaury, 24.07.13
Columnist, Arnaud Monnard, knew all along that he had what it takes to be the Representive of External Affairs on the AVETH board. Arnaud Monnard, 26.06.13
The Politics Working Group (PoWoG) empowers members of the scientific staff at ETH Zurich to initiate political discussions independently of any structural or organizational needs, says Florian Emaury. Florian Emaury, 12.06.13
In tackling the question most frequently asked of literary scholars at a technical university, Philipp Theisohn finds himself "philosophizing" about cryptozoology and the future of the Neanderthals. Philipp Theisohn, 28.10.09
Using the example of Rousseau, columnist Jürg Fröhlich highlights the suppressed certainty that the prevalent image of science has changed considerably over the last few centuries and that we would be well advised to question and discuss ours every now and again. 08.07.09
People are always short of time these days - especially those in positions of responsibility. Therefore, it would do everyone a world of good to take time out to consider everyday problems from a different standpoint", writes columnist Jürg Fröhlich. Jürg Fröhlich, 13.05.09