A preview of the new home page of ETH Zurich which will be launched on 29 October. (Screen shot: ETH Zurich)


ETH Life renamed to ETH News

ETH Zurich will re-launch its web on 29 October. This also means that ETH Life will become ETH News. What will change besides the new name? Roman Klingler, Head News & Media Relations, explains. 25.10.13
Part of the optical system used to trap and manipulate atoms. The arrangement of mirrors and lenses brings the a large number of laser beams onto the atoms. (Photo : Jean-Philippe Brantut / ETH Zurich)


A thermoelectric materials emulator

Converting heat directly into power could be a major source of renewable energy. Physicists at ETH Zurich now have simulated new materials that are highly efficient in this transition – in an experiment with cold atoms trapped by lasers. 24.10.13

21.10.13 When careers run up against stereotypes

Next week the Office of Equal Opportunities at ETH Zurich celebrate its 20th anniversary with an exhibition in the Main Hall.

21.10.13 Printing architecture

Two ETH researchers have created an immersive space from artificial sandstone with a 3D printer.

17.10.13 Why lithium-ion-batteries fail

Materials in lithium ion battery electrodes expand and contract during charge and discharge. These volume changes drive particle fracture, which shortens battery lifetime. A group of ETH und PSI scientists quantify this effect for the first time by using x-ray tomography.

17.10.13 Food for thought

In recognition of World Food Day, the World Food System Center hosted the “Our Common Food” competition and ceremony. Participants submitted their innovative ideas to sustainably reduce food waste and loss within the food supply chain.

17.10.13 Observing brain activity during learning errors

A major goal in neuroscience is to be able to use magnetic resonance images of brain activity to identify how a person learns. Researchers from ETH and the University of Zurich have taken an important step forward.